David Bond Group

David Bond has been on the music scene performing in New York, Los Angeles, Boston, New England and Europe with master musicians Max Roach, Archie Shepp, Dewey Redman, Ed Blackwell, Marshall Allen, Andrew White, and Sonny Fortune. Mr. Bond has recorded several albums and has performed in Lincoln Center, The Kennedy Center, St. Peters Church, the National Cathedral, and Scullers, Regattabar and the Hatch Memorial Shell in Boston.

Mr. Bond was acclaimed by New York City's Village Voice as “a very promising new jazz alto saxophonist, big tones, freebop, with brains and brawn”.  dbpop1@gmail.com

He now resides in Philadelphia, PA.


David Bond’s music is a fresh brand of music...world-inspired melody, colored by harmonic freedom and universal spirituality. First inspired by the spiritual side of John Coltrane compositions and performances, he has progressively moved from familiar realms of improvisation toward explorations grounded in spirit reaching outward... from focused and reverent to freedom. His musical journey reaches beyond tradition into modern improvisations influenced by world sounds—contemporary and alive...Ever informed by the very same aesthetic qualities of spiritual honesty, cosmic openness, positive expression, and emotional depth that defined the musical explorers before him.


Over a career of quality and numerous recordings, Bond’s music has progressively reached toward an aesthetic of melodic layers, delicately weaving a tapestry of melody and improvisation. He presents an artistic experience that is open and expressive, reaching toward a sonic space where musicians and listeners can explore and experience together. His personal musicianship reveals a gentleness and tranquility not typically associated with many contemporary composer/musicians.  From this melodic locus emerges a personal sound and a central personal voice.