David Bond Group
The Spirit Speaks
Vineyard 2004

David Bond Group
The Spirit Speaks (self-released 2004)

Carrying his namesake, saxophonist David Bond leads his band through six startling originals on The Spirit Speaks.

Bond weaves his masterful sax in and out of the lounge-jazz compositions like a true snake charmer. The sound is a unique and island-tinged smooth jazz.

Three things come to mind while listening to The David Bond Group:

1. A smoky basement den with abstract lighting and thirty or so hanging-on-the-edge-of-their-seat patrons. The men wear berets; nice tans and well manicured facial hair. The women are beautiful in a natural way.

2. It's the music that would play once the needle hit the vinyl in some weird episode of Gilligan's Island. Thirstin and Lovey Howell would waltz. Maryanne would hold the skipper at a distance while the professor and Ginger faintly avoid the inevitable. Gilligan would be playing along to the song on coconuts with a monkey hitting the high notes.

3. Chariots of Fire.

The bass and piano are incredibly spine-tingling. If you're a jazzhead, definitely pick this up. If occasionally you like to mellow out, this is a good soundtrack to a rainy Sunday.


Out of 5, this rates a 3


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